I'm Chris Mills, an American musician and singer. Oh, if you don't know, I have released a number of albums in the genres of indie rock, folk, instrument(s) vocals, and guitar. It will be very pleasant to listen to. Try listening!Talking a little about my personal history, I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I started playing music when I joined a high-school speed metal band at Rob Lloyd High School called Crystal Meth Death.1996 I released my first EP.1998 I signed my first contract with the indie record label Sugar Free Records in Chicago.2000 We released Kiss It Goodbye, followed by The Silver Line and Powerless Pop Records.In 2005, I signed with indie record label Ernest Jennings Record Co. of Brooklyn. Soon after, I released The Wall to Wall Sessions.In 2008, I released Living in the Aftermath on Ernest Jennings, followed by fun tours in the US and Europe.A small joy is that in 2009, my song Such a Beautiful Thing from Living in the Aftermath was quite popular and was played on Crime Minds in the episode "Cradle to the Grave.".In 2011, I released The Heavy Years 2000–2010 to celebrate my own music-making. The Wall to Wall Sessions (Powerless Pop/Ernest Jenning, 2005) Living in the Aftermath (Ernest Jenning, 2008) Tell it Like it Isn't EP (all covers) (Powerless Pop, 2003) Plays and Sings/Nobody's Favorite re-release compilation (Powerless Pop, 2003) Kiss It Goodbye (Sugar Free/Loose Music, 2000) The Silver Line (Powerless Pop Records/Loose Music, 2002) Nobody's Favorite EP (1997) Every Night Fight for Your Life (Sugar Free Records, 1998) Alexandria (Loud Romantic Records), 2014 The Heavy Years 2000-2010 (Ernest Jenning, 2011) Chris Mills Plays and Sings EP (1996)